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Things You Should Never Say To An Influencer

Do you have a friend or family member who is an influencer? I bet you don’t know this, but it is possible that you’ve said something to them about their career that made them want to tell you off or (if they are as irritated as me) even slap you. Being an influencer has a…

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24 Things I Learned in 24 Years

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! You guys just don’t know how much I am so excited that it is my birthday… okay, this is a lie. It is actually August 13th and I am not at all excited. HOWEVER, I wanted to share this blog post in honor of the day of 24 Things I have Learned…

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August’s Blessings

I am a little late with this, I apologize BUT, Welcome back to another segment offfff MONTHLY BLESSINGS! This is a segment on my blog where I talk about the goodies and highlights that happened and stuck out in each month. I missed the past couple of months because I was being an inconsistent blogger,…

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